ZogoTech Announces Winners of its Inaugural 2017 Innovations Awards

ZogoTech announced the winners of its inaugural Innovations Award Competition, recognizing five community colleges for the inventive and effective use of data for improving student success. Honorees used ZogoTech’s data analytics solution to increase student retention, create a more data-informed culture, and implement more efficient and effective advising, registration, and program review processes. Each institution will receive a cash donation to assist in ongoing efforts to support students on campus through scholarships, emergency funds, and food pantries.

“What makes these particular projects truly innovative is the way in which they’ve combined people, process/policy, and the data analytics technology we provide to address specific challenges on their campuses,” noted ZogoTech co-founder and CEO Michael Taft. “By sharing these colleges’ success stories, we hope to inspire other community colleges looking to turn data into actionable information.”

The winners of the inaugural ZogoTech Innovations Award are:

First Place – City Colleges of Chicago (IL)

ZogoTech played a key role in City Colleges of Chicago’s efforts to facilitate large-scale, aligned organizational change by providing its more than 5,000 administrators, faculty, and staff with direct access to data. The “OpenBook” tool and built-in Strategic Dashboard, built on ZogoTech Analytics, empower employees to monitor progress toward key goals and take action to improve institutional and student outcomes.

Second Place – Midland College (TX)

By providing direct access to timely student data via ZogoTech Analytics, Midland College has empowered its advisors to proactively – and more meaningfully – engage students, without having to rely on Institutional Research or Information Technology. As a result, current students are registering earlier and for classes they need, and fall to spring retention has increased, ultimately ensuring more students stay on their chosen path.

Third Place – Piedmont Technical College (SC)

Piedmont Technical College used ZogoTech Analytics to implement a new program review process that requires Deans, program managers, and even faculty to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and drill into the data to uncover underlying factors in program performance. This process led to changes in course sequencing and prerequisites, and even the discontinuation of one program. Program staff further use ZogoTech’s Student Navigator tool to identify and intervene with students who are off path.

Honorable Mention – Black Hawk College (IL)

Black Hawk College is utilizing ZogoTech Analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of a mandatory advising intervention first implemented in Fall 2015. The wealth of data available in the ZogoTech system enables the college to compare outcomes for a mandatory advising cohort (i.e., degree-seekers with fewer than 10 credit hours) with both a control group and all enrolled students. Initial results indicate that fall-to-fall retention rates are higher for the mandatory advising cohort; research staff will begin comparing completion outcomes in Spring 2018.

Honorable Mention – Brazosport College (TX)

Leveraging data from ZogoTech Analytics, Brazosport College undertook a “leakage analysis” to uncover why students fail to re-enroll, develop targeted interventions designed to get those students back, and evaluate the effectiveness of those interventions. Rather than focus solely on student-centric factors such as poor academic performance, BC places specific emphasis on institutional policies/processes that may prevent students from re-enrolling, including dropping students for non-payment, registration holds for missing transcripts, etc.

About ZogoTech

Since 2003, ZogoTech’s data warehouse and analytics tools have helped community colleges to effectively leverage student and institutional data for everyday and long-term decision-making. From predictive analytics and getting/keeping students on path, to longitudinal cohort tracking and enrollment analytics, ZogoTech’s solutions enable users at every level to easily access the information they need, when they need it.

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