You Can Now Go On a Do It Yourself “DIY” Tour

Travel DIY (Do it Yourself) Trips

The benefit is in the experience of getting to create your own tour and enjoying the flexibility and freedom you give yourself

Charming Travel Destinations, a travel company operating since 1987, recently launched its DIY (Do it Yourself) Tours. The do-it-yourself (DIY) tours allow travelers to use existing programs to build and create their own tours to increase personal customization and flexibility.

Do-it-Yourself is a trend that has influenced multiple industries including fashion, art, interior design and technology. To improve customer satisfaction, Charming Travel Destinations brought the movement into the travel industry. Marketing Director Mariam Jimenez explains that the new products will improve the traveling experience.

“DIY has been the hottest trend whether it is in art or technology. Even travelers can enjoy do-it-yourself within tours. The benefit is in the experience of getting to create your own tour and enjoying the flexibility and freedom you give yourself,” says Jimenez

The company offers many City Break Tours in many destinations around the world including Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Travelers can review the City Breaks and combine multiple tours to make their personalized itinerary.

Customers can combine a Phuket tour with a Krabi tour for their custom Thailand tour or a Tokyo tour with Jeju tour for a custom multi-country tour. To travel Europe, travelers can combine an Oslo tour with a Stockholm tour for a custom Scandinavian exploration. There are countless possibilities for the tours.

To maximize flexibility and leisure, travelers can also add in free dates before, after or in between City Breaks as well.

Each City Break option lasts around 3-5 days and are affordable, giving DIY travelers many choices for their timing and financial concerns.

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