Writing A Newsletter – 3 Tips For Getting Attention

There are a lot of different ways to gather attention from folks that are reading your pages. Sure, you can get a website going and start a blog, hoping that people stick around and end up giving you information and in some cases money, for products and services. But when you’re trying to venture into the eBook market, you need to look into servicing a download, writing the book, marketing it, but also writing a newsletter follow up for readers that might not be certain how to implement certain information. This is especially true when looking to create tutorial based options. If you’re not necessarily writing for the educational market, then consider newsletters for the greater good of promoting any follow up information that you might be able to pass along to readers Consider the following 3 tips for getting attention when writing this type of option in conjunction with your book.

Addendums – If you have more to add to your book, consider looking at writing it in newsletter format. If you have several chapters that you either edited out, or have omitted from the release of your original script, then you can divide it up and send it to those that purchased the full option. You can also add different tips, tricks, and information as you wish, hoping to get attention for opportunities that might arise in the near future.

Limited Time Offers – If you’ve written an eBook and had a successful first run of sales, it’s important that you offer something more to readers of your newsletter. For instance, if you catch wind of an affiliate marketing opportunity, and want to promote it, look to add it to your email blast, but do not make it so obvious that you’re an affiliate. This takes some writing, but it can be done.

Limit Your Emails – The last thing to remember is to make sure that you are NOT spamming people. You need to make sure that you’re not sending so many emails that it’s getting tiresome for you and your readers. You don’t want to send an…

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