Why was Butter Found on the Norwex Enviro Cloth?

A video on Youtube caught my attention today as I was searching the Norwex results on Google.  The video is called “butter on the mirror demo.”  It’s an interesting concept and headline. It caught my attention almost immediately, what can I say?


The first thought that goes into your mind is who in there right mind would put butter on their mirror.  These are acts of the mentally disturbed or weekend drug abuser.  I could picture someone who had taken a few hits of LSD to start lathering their mirrors and walls with butter, but not the normal lady we find in the video holding the hand-held red camera with the monotone voice and straight brown hair.


The point of the video is to put Norwex’s cleaning cloths on display.  You could call it the Norwex test.  Did the cleaning supplies pass the test… keep reading this article to the end to find out! 


As the video begins she introduces herself as Christy from “manger to mom.”  She refers to this butter test as “famous.”  Honestly,  I have never heard about it so it can’t be that famous.  


Her goal her is to rub butter on what looks to be her bathroom mirror and then wipe it off using the Norwex microfiber cloth until the mirror is sparkling clean again. 


So we see the small white tray of a half a bar of butter sitting on her bathroom sink.   What’s interesting is in the video she says she’s going to smear it all over her mirror which I interpret as the whole mirror, but in actuality she only smears butter on a small portion of the surface.    I think this is key in the test.  


So you might say what’s the big deal?  Well the big deal is that the cloth is only so big, meaning it can only clean up so much mess.  So if the entire mirror was covered in butter, the one cloth she has wouldn’t do the trick.  You may have to purchase four or five clothes to clean up big messes.  


So far I have referred to the Norwex cloth as a “micro fiber cloth’ however,…

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