Why to get Copyright Registration?

For creative professionals, it is very important that whatever they write or create, it should be copyright protected. Original works of authorship such as literary (articles, periodicals, books, compilations including computer and databases and tables), cinematographic, artistic and sound recording can be protected by copyright. Copyright can also be described as a form of intellectual property. Copyright is an amalgam of rights including, rights of reproduction, inter alia, adaptation and translation of the work, communication to the public. Depending on the work, there could be slight differences in the composition of the rights.

Copyright law dates back to the times when the printers of books were granted with privileges and monopolies. In the initial stages, only copying of books was accorded copyright law, but slowly derivative works and translations were also started being copyrighted. At present, Copyright embraces a wide range of works, including paintings, motion pictures, computer programs, performances, maps, photographs and sound recordings. It is not a violation of copyright law if someone copies the ideas but it only protects the expression of idea. If Hollywood has been making hundreds of movies on war, then the idea here is war which is not protected by copyright law.

Different movie directors expressed the same idea differently, and this falls under copyright protection. Individual copyrights protect each expression and each movie. When people want to get copyrights, they are interested to know whether the copyright should be registered or not. It is not important to register it, because copyright is inherent right and statutory, and it comes essentially upon completion of work.

It is important to register copyright though under the following conditions:

1. In case any disputes or litigation arise, copyright registration certification ensures that a valid title and ownership can be produced in the court. To launch copyright infringement…

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