Why Eames replicas are value for money purchases?

Charles and Ray Eames are household names in the world of design. Pioneers in many ways, the husband and wife duo have a host of innovations to their credit. The Eames house in LA is a landmark in modern architecture. The couple are also credited for furniture designs, the most notable of which is the Eames Longue Chair. Even after decades of its creation it continues to remain a preferred choice for both the design aficionado and ordinary homemaker.

The affordable Eames Lounge

The early makes with Brazilian Rosewood are so rare and expensive that they have become collector’s items. The original creation is often out of the reach of the common man who aspires for luxury at home. The replica however is well within reach. A good Eames lounge chair replica matches the original in looks and function. The backrest is just as comfortable as the original while recline works perfect for years. Where the type of veneer and leather can push the costs of the original to as much as $ 8000, replicas of the classic furniture idea cost just a fraction.  With a replica ottoman, a good Eames chair will exude elegance and comfort just like the original.

Chaises Eames

Among other creations of the famed couple is the chaises Eames. Built for providing comfort in condos where space is a constraint, the 1948 creation is still in production. The original is available in different materials and colours. It measures 18 inches in width. The objective behind its making was to provide comfort during quick naps. The die-cast aluminium frame provides strength to the structure. The cushions are extremely comfortable and secured to the frame through nylon fabric. For those who are looking to get chaises home at a reasonable cost, a replica is a great choice. It costs much lesser than the original but looks every bit the same matching the original in comfort and durability. You can also get replicas in a wide range of colours.

Buying DCW Eames

The wood dining chair, popularly called Dining…

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