What You May Not Get Aboard Cheap International Flights?

Before you board the flight, you would look at every possible avenue for getting the cheap air tickets. Once you get it and board the flight, either in the economy class of the international flights or in the low-cost carrier flights, there are certain things which you shall be prepared for. While most of the basic services would be the same as in other classes of seating, there would definitely be some perceptible change.

At first, when you take the seat, you might not feel as luxuriously comfortable as in some other more pricey airlines. This is especially true when you have opted to travel by a low-cost airline. By saving more space per seat, these airlines do create space for seating more passengers. This adds more to their revenue. The seating space might either be just sufficient or you might have to jostle a little bit in seat to get into the right posture. So, your cheap international flight might mean that you make some compromises on your seating and comfort levels. Even while travelling on the economy class of the luxury airline, you might not get all the comforts such as full-stretch beds or separate cabin spaces, which the travellers of other higher classes of seating get. Further, even the moving space between the two rows of seats could be limited to a great extent.

Second important thing that you shall be prepared for is that the meals would either be exclusive of the fare or you might get only one instead of two. So, if the airlines are going real cheap in the fares of tickets then there are good chances that the meals are either provided on-demand or instead of providing breakfast-lunch or snacks-dinner, there could be only one meal per time. LCCs, in order to achieve faster turn-around times by cutting down on the time of loading and unloading of food, disposal of the waste and cleaning of the aircraft, generally do not provide the meals in their flights. There could be another alternative that you are allowed to carry on-board some eatables…

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