What Separates Successful Retail Stores

The retail space in any given mall is always changing. It seems like you can always find one or two new brands occupying the space that was held by last year’s new brand. The retail industry is incredibly competitive, yet there are a number of retailers that continue to thrive, despite the ever changing landscape.

What separates a profitable retail store from one that one won’t make it through another holiday season? On the surface, many of the common things you would expect play into a desirable brand and profitable store. Hiring friendly sales people and giving them good training in customer service is always a huge plus. Well placed, creative merchandise displays, as well as a good promotional sale, can also go a long way.

Ultimately, it comes down to the customer and how they perceive your store. Customers are bringing their own set of experiences and expectations to the retail store. Our brains look at most things in a comparative manner. Have you ever gotten out of a hot Jacuzzi and then into a swimming pool? Even if the swimming pool is at a warm temperature, our brains will perceive it much colder after having come out of the spa.

The same thing is true for the perception within the retail experience. If customers shop at a store that is messy and has clothes strewn about, and then visit a store that is clean and tidy, it will really stick out in their minds. Keeping a store appealing isn’t just about keeping the most visible things in order. It is also about the things that customers perceive in other areas of the store.

One  of great importance is the dressing room. These rooms do far more selling then even the most creative sales piece, as the changing rooms give clients a direct interaction with the merchandise. Making sure that the changing rooms are optimized for selling is vitally important and doesn’t take a lot of work. 

Starting with the actual construction of the dressing room, modular construction is always preferred. This style of…

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