What Prince2 Practitioners need to know about APMP

If you’re a Prince2 Practitioner and have heard about the specific APMP for Prince2 Practitionerscourse, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. No doubt busy with your workload, you’ll probably find little time to investigate it in any detail, but could you be missing out on something really critical?
APMP is being widely held up as the new standard in project management. That doesn’t mean Prince2 is no longer valid, indeed it is often the preferred methodology that project managers need to understand in order to work on high profile projects. But with the APMP for Prince2 Practitioners offering a combination of skills and knowledge that are highly sought after in the industry, expansion of your knowledge with this key qualification is certainly something worth investigating.

10 key points about the APMP for Prince2 Practitioners

To save you time we have pulled together all the main, key points about the APMP for Prince2 Practitioners course and laid it out bare for you to browse at your leisure. Research shows that Prince2 Practitioners could significantly increase their salaries and their job prospects by becoming APMP qualified, so take two minutes out of your schedule to get to grips with these 10 key facts.

1. APMP is a qualification from the Association of Project Management. The qualification is recognised nationally and internationally and complements your existing Prince2 qualification.

2. The APMP for Prince2 Practitioners course has been specifically tailored to let Prince2 practitioners pull out the complementary pieces of information that will improve their project management skills, without spending time going over things they already know.

3. The two qualifications are very different, but very complementary. Prince2 gives you a planning framework for organising what needs to be done, when it should be done and how to tailor this to your project. APMP offers a knowledge based approach which gives you the soft skills necessary to do…

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