What Are The Simple Stress Symptoms

Everyday life is affected by stress both internally and externally. Have you heard the saying, stress is a normal way of life? Yes, that is right. What I mean by internally is the stress within a person’s body such as diseases and disorder. People are affected if they are sick, right? Sickness is also a great example of stress. Another type of stress is the external one. The stress came from outside of a person’s body. Examples of external stress are work, family problem, noise, neighbors, pollution and the likes. Everyday these stresses affect a person’s daily living. However, if you are experiencing the symptoms of stress in an abnormal way, such as increase in frequency, duration and intensity, then perhaps you need to seek the help of a professional and find a way to deal with stress. 


There are two types of stress that affects our life daily. Stress is categorized either internally or externally. Internal stress is a type of stress that takes place within the body of a person. The best examples of internal stress are disease or disorder. A person is truly affected when he or she is sick, right? Another type of stress is the external stress. This is the stress that came from our environment. Examples of external stress are noise, heat, work, problems and the likes. Daily, we are greatly affected by these factors. 


One stress symptom that is manifested by most people is having sleep disorder. Some people have hard time of sleeping especially if they are thinking of many problems. It is normal to have trouble of sleeping if you are thinking of your problems. However, sleep disturbance is never normal if you experience it excessively. You need to seek professional advice to resolve stress symptom.


Stress also makes it for other people to think clearly. When they are under stress such as time pressured or was scolded by the employee, they find it difficult to make decisions, collect thoughts, and even respond to situation.

One stress symptom is…

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