What are some acne supplements you may want to consider?

It is interesting that many people who suffer from acne are worried about what they slather on their face in the way of creams, gels, and sprays, but often do not realize that what they put in their bodies matters as well. That is why acne supplements need to be a staple in the diet of anyone seeking acne relief. Even though many vitamins for acne can be consumed through diet (whole grain foods, vegetables, fruits) supplements can work incredibly well too.

Vitamin A

If we discuss vitamins for acne you cannot overlook the importance of vitamin A. Vitamin A will help keep your pores clear by promoting cellular turnover. Getting vitamin A from fish oils or dairy products is great for the skin.

The B Vitamins

Most people know that acne can be worsened because of stress, and vitamin B2 just happens to be great at decreasing stress! Vitamin B3 helps metabolize protein, fat, and sugar, reduce cholesterol, and improve circulation. If you want to maintain a vibrant skin tone, a quality B-complex supplement will certain help.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is often heralded for its antioxidant effects and is deemed a powerful acne vitamin. It can help fight against free radicals which might be damaging to the skin. It can also enhance tissue healing and repair. Good sources in your daily diet include broccoli, wheat germs, sunflower seeds, almonds, and peanuts.

Vitamin C

There are more than 300 metabolic functions in our bodies that require vitamin C, leaving no doubt that it is important for boosting our immune system, fighting off infection, and providing cellular repair. Once vitamin C enters the body, it takes on an antibacterial role, making it a valuable acne vitamin.


Zinc is one of the acne supplements that are not actually a vitamin but a mineral. It will help prevent scarring that people may experience from acne and helps heal the skin. Some good sources include mushrooms, nuts, whole grains, and eggs.

Apart from that, there are few other supplements which can be used…

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