Westport Suits Up For Its Fall 2017 Catalog Photoshoot

Just before Memorial Day weekend 2017, the Westport design team met at Wilson Farms in Georgia to start shooting the Fall 2017 catalog. https://www.westportbigandtall.com/blog/Fall-Catalog-Shoot.aspx

Situated on a charming plot of land in the center of the state’s horse country, the 30-acre estate is replete with rolling hills, sprawling pastures, and a scattering of the state of Georgia’s most beautiful deciduous trees and shrubbery. There’s a fenced off, clear water pond with a fountain in the center that’s looped by a rustic gravel road, and lined with Old World-style lampposts. Horses of all breeds and colors roam the various training and jumping courses, and poke their curious heads out of stable windows as you pass by. Looking out onto the pond is a large stone and brick villa, with a spacious stone patio and neat, European-inspired landscaping. It’s just the kind of classy scenery the high-end brand needs to accent the clothing collection their buyers have put together for the season.

As stylists prep the models, the camera crew moves in and looks for a position with the best lighting. Posing in front of a black Mercedes coupe sitting on the driveway, a model wearing a grey zip-up vest under a grey and brown gingham sportcoat goes through a routine of maneuvers and poses. The shot will feature a backdrop of some colorful evergreen trees that flank the estate’s palatial villa. The entire setup is handled professionally and seems propitious; this shot will definitely be a front cover contender for one of the catalog drops. “We pay special attention to the staging and lighting of each and every shot, so that the product details and features can be seen with the clarity the customer needs to make a decision to purchase the garment,” explains Tom Altieri, a senior Westport executive overseeing the…

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