Voice for the minorities, Hart Cunningham, announces bid for 2020 Presidential Election

Hart Cunningham

“The goals of my two terms are numerous, and articulated on YouTube. Ending poverty in America, while fully converting the world to renewable energy are two of my first thousand initiatives. The skeptics will be proven wrong, as the momentum in our movement has already begun.” Hart Cunningham

Presidential Candidate Hart Cunningham, was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in a loving family that enjoyed the outdoors, hard work, and Church. Summers were spent on the placid shores of an Alabama lake; winters were spent celebrating holiday joy at Idlewild Presbyterian Church in midtown Memphis.

His immediate family moved to California, allowing his father to pursue his writing career further. As a boy, Hart was an athlete, physically and mentally. Playing soccer and chess as a child – even touring Europe as a forward on an under 14 USA youth team.

In the 7th grade, at the urging of his mother, Hart applied to join Buckley, a Sherman Oaks higher education academy. Initially, Hart struggled to adjust to the fast-paced academic standards but was encouraged by his progress in many subjects. Humanities and Mathematics were his two favorite subjects, with language and art as his struggles.

His athletic passion persisted, but Hart was unable to play professional soccer or baseball for an extended period. His pursuit of knowledge only expanded after his athletic goals were cut short, doubling or tripling other students class workloads. By 22, he had finished requirements for his BA and MBA at the Claremont Colleges.

While mentoring under Peter Drucker, he spent 2 semesters taking MA and PhD level courses at the University of Washington on discounted cash flow models. Following his return to Claremont to graduate, Drucker encouraged Cunningham to pursue an entrepreneurial path. A challenge which he accepted.

His first company created a digital currency in 1998, allowing teens to earn and spend loyalty dollars with 550 partnered merchants. Over the next 15 years, Hart was a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in technology – SouthWest division, three times.

His boredom of business grew, as the world continued to struggle in his eyes. Capitalism was eating at democracy in many ways. Poverty was expanding; pollution was growing; animal life was becoming extinct. Hart took years away from business and social media, reading even more aggressively than usual– combining philosophy with movement into a yoga practice unique to his path.

Hart was raised in the south, but made his roots in California, living in the majority of CA based cities for an extended period of time. He has a unique understanding of both political parties and the backgrounds that empower their beliefs.

Hart is a man that believes poverty and climate change must be solved for the greater good of our race, and moreover the planet.

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