Vitiligo Treatment of Chinese Medicine has a National Platform

Chinese medicine vitiligo hospital

Hope all vitiligo patients get cured

Vitiligo clinical hospital of Chinese medicine is the the first national platform in the same domestic industry. The platform is ‘national team ’in the field of vitiligo treatment, formed jointly by the highest authority of the Chinese medicine “Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine” and the vitiligo high-tech torch program R & D team of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Since its inception, the platform has received strong support from the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, the State Health Planning Commission, the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other competent authorities to become the “terminal station” for the rehabilitation of vitiligo patients worldwide.

Vitiligo research of Chinese medicine made major breakthroughs

Vitiligo, as a common multiple dermatology difficult disease, increased year by year in recent years by the environment and many other factors. The incidence of vitilgio seriously affects the patient’s life and quality of life.

As the most powerful and authoritative TCM research institute in China, the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences cooperated with Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, the leading agency in the field of vitiligo treatment, to make vitiligo treatment research. Its purpose is to enhance and regulate the technical level of vitiligo industry with its strong research and development capabilities, and promote the modernization and internationalization process of Chinese medicine technology.

The new vitiligo treatment services 120 countries

Vitiligo treatment has obvious effect with Chinese medicine. The new vitiligo treatment “cure black and white together,” developed by Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, has the advantage of fast effect and higher cure rate. No matter what kind vitiligo condition, this new vitiligo treatment has obvious effect. More than one hundred thousand vitiligo patients get cured by this vitiligo treatment. The new vitiligo treatment services more than 120 countries.

Vitiligo clinical hospital of Chinese medicine established. It will service more effective and scientific treatment by strong scientific research strength and valuable clinical experience.

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