Vitamin T Launches New Team Interview Worksheet Tool

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Vitamin T is excited to announce the release of its new Team Interview Worksheet tool, specially designed for ad agencies and companies looking to quickly get multiple interviewers on the same page when assessing candidates.

The interview process can be fraught with challenges, particularly when conducted by multiple individuals with their own opinions, goals, and biases. According to Vitamin T President Susie Hall, “Not only can the interview process be time consuming, an unstructured process can result in poor hiring decisions. Our tool is designed to reduce confusion by streamlining the process for everyone involved and keeping everyone focused on shared goals.” Hall added that the tool was designed as a worksheet to ensure everyone involved has access to the same information and is able to share their own insights from the interview experience with their colleagues.

Vitamin T’s new Team Interview Worksheet has clear benefits that will also improve candidate experience. The tool allows staff members to easily identify what the new hire is meant to accomplish, how their role is integral to the team, and what traits or assets each candidate should ideally have. By having a unified interview team, candidates can also better assess their own fit in the organization and leave with positive views about the company, whether or not they are hired.

According to Hall, the tool enables company participants to, “clearly define a specific focus for each interviewer, highlight candidates’ strengths and specific areas to investigate, and provide detailed selling points of the company for each potential hire.” Hall added that the new tool allows each member of the internal team to see interview timelines and locations for improved…

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