Various practical applications of calcium phosphate

The family of mineral made up of calcium ions combined with pyrophosphates or orthophosphates or metaphosphates and sometimes with hydroxide or hydrogen ions is known as calcium phosphate.

The main constituent in the bovine milk is the calcium in the form of calcium phosphate. The bone material or calcium phosphate mineral contains or hydroxyapatite makes up about seventy percent of a bone and about ninety percent of our tooth enamel.

As opposing to majority of other compounds, the level of solubility of calcium phosphate reduces with the rise in temperature. Therefore heating leads to precipitation.

The bovine milk is composed of greater concentrations of this compound which is not possible when the pH level is normal. This is due to the fact that in milk calcium phosphate is present in its colloidal form with zinc, magnesium and citrate in micelles in control to casein protein. These are collectively being called as colloidal calcium phosphate.

Mono acid calcium phosphate is a chemical compound of calcium phosphate with the formula Ca (H2PO4)2. This compound is being put to use for a variety of commercial purposes. It is employed in the production process of phosphoric acid. It is also used in the making of fertilizers, for instance in the Odda process. Additionally, in the baking powder, it is being used as a raising agent. Another use of mono acid calcium phosphate is that it is being used in cheese products.

Di calcium phosphate anhydrous is largely used as a dietary supplement in a variety of food products such as cereals, enriched flour, noodle products, dog treats and certain others. It also finds use in pharmaceutical industry as a tableting agent such as in talcum powders and deodorants. Besides this, it is also used in making poultry feed. It is also adopted for use as a tartar control agent in toothpastes.

Tricalcium phosphate finds use as an additive of the name anticaking agent in the powdered spices. It is also used in the fertilizer industry in…

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