Varicose Vein Treatment Coverage in International Media Highlights Worldwide Appeal of Non-Invasive Treatments for Enlarged Veins, says Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center

Nobody loves having to deal with varicose and spider veins.

It’s hardly surprising that these techniques have gained popularity in countries like Australia as they have a great many advantages over older surgeries and treatments.

A December 7 article on the Australian news site, 9News, describes how a family of non-invasive treatments for varicose and spider veins is growing in popularity Down Under. It describes some of the details of radiofrequency ablation, which uses heat generated by radiofrequency energy to cause enlarged veins to close, redirecting blood to healthier veins. Washington State-based Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center says that it’s not surprising that these techniques have gained popularity in countries like Australia, as they have a great many advantages over older surgeries and treatments.

The center notes that radiofrequency ablation is just one of several techniques that are currently available for men and women dealing with varicose and spider veins on their legs or elsewhere. Among thermal (heat-based) treatments, the center says that it uses the Venefit system, a brand name for the most popular radiofrequency procedure, as well as EVLT, a treatment using lasers to generate the heat that closes veins. Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center adds that it also provides non-thermal techniques. Venaseal employs a polymer adhesive to seal off veins, while Clarivein uses mechanical and chemical energy. The center says having these procedures to choose from makes it easier for doctors to customize treatment to a specific patient’s needs. The center adds that all of these techniques can usually be performed in less than an hour and involve next to no down time once the procedure is complete.

Patients who are concerned about unpleasant sensations should know that, with the use of local and topical anesthetics and light sedation, leading edge treatments for enlarged veins involve only a very minor amount of discomfort. Patients who may experience some stress around the technique, however, can take advantage of Virtual Reality Anxiety Reduction Technology (VR). This immersive media system places patient in a soothing environment that allows them to feel more relaxed and focus on a range of stress-reducing sounds and images. Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center adds that it was the first medical practice in the Western United States to make use of this VR application, and that it has proven to be a highly effective, non-chemical painkiller. The result is that patients undergo a remarkably pleasant experience without requiring heavier sedation.

Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center adds that, while medical insurance companies do not cover treatments that are strictly cosmetic in nature, they will frequently cover procedures for enlarged veins if pain, itching, or other problems are present. To find out more about Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center, readers may contact the clinic at (253) 948-4378 or reach out through its web site at The clinic’s two locations are in Olympia and Gig Harbor, Washington.

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