Useful Tips On Feng Shui Carreer

There are number of factors that can block an employee’s promotion and be a big brake on the growth of the whole organization. To intensify and take full advantage of your staff’s ability, as a manager, you can apply the ancient Chinese notion feng shui to eliminate the possible impedement and maximize the beneficial aspects.


Furniture positioning: The main feng shui career tip is the proper positioning of the desks. Some types of positioning are very disadvantageous, while others on the contrary, are extremely beneficial. A bad desk positioning includes: when a person’s back is to a window or door, a desk crammed into a corner, a desk facing another desk, or a desk next to the entrance door.


Sitting with the back to a door or window can make one feel “unsafe”, and is best avoided. If there’s no way to move the furniture, consider placing a mirror on the table. Sitting crammed in a corner will not allow the positive energy to circulate around the person’s desk. Facing another person may hinder concentration and cause the energy of both people to dissipate. Sitting next to the entrance door can be very agitating due to the constant annoyance of a passerby.


The best way is to sit with your back to the wall, facing the entrance door, but being a sufficient distance from it. This way, you feel protected by the wall, you see those in the doorway, and you are removed from having to answer questions by a passerby.


Clutter: The feng shui career advice states that clutter and dirt are to be avoided. The clutter and dirt prevent the free circulation of positive energy, and cause the negative energy to concentrate and stagnate instead. If at all possible, try to clean the office. Pay attention to the cabinets and shelves, and keep them free of unneeded documentation. If there are any unused objects or equipment in the office, they are best moved to storage rooms. Try to wash the curtains, keep all surfaces dusted, and the floors clean.


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