Types Of Frameless Shower Enclosures That Help In Adding The ‘WOW’ Factor To Bathrooms


New plans, designs and trends have played vital roles in adding the charm to a person’s property. Before choosing any product, it is necessary to check the available space in a room. One such thing that has to be selected as per size is the frameless shower enclosure for the bathroom. These enclosures are often made with glass that helps in providing a visual sensation of space throughout the room design. These glass panels help in keeping natural light in the bathroom and hence reduce an empty and bare look that are generally the qualities of a bathroom.

Wet rooms can also be made to look spacious with the help of a specialist engineer in making arrangements to provide an entirely sealed environment. This is done with the idea to prevent leakage of water around the area by using suitable waterproof agents. If the room is big, the waterproofing material used for sealing the entire room will result in increased expenditure. To avoid this, it is important to locate a separate area for showering inside a big bathroom. By using frameless shower enclosures people can efficiently seal the bathing area with the waterproofing membrane. Depending upon the size and style, you can set the most preferred enclosure that fits exactly in the allocated area. 

Frameless shower enclosures are categorised mainly into three types based on the type of materials used. They are – frosted glass frameless shower enclosure, doors with enclosures and glass bloc frameless enclosures. If a person wants to experience a private showering experience without feeling of getting exposed, then he or she can prefer purchasing frosted glass enclosures. At times, there are possibilities of non-availability of this type of enclosures in the market. In such situations, frosting film can be used that gives the same effect of frosted glass. This film is available at low-cost that can be installed by a qualified technician in this field. 

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