Try These Alternative Natural Cures for Asthma For Long Term Relieve

Asthma affects 1 out of 20 people. Having this illness bring changes to a person’s social activities, like joining sports, going on a long trip, etc.

It’s good to know that there are natural cures for asthma that are slowly being discovered now. But getting to the triggers should also be an utmost concern because getting rid of these will ultimately help the person.

There are variety of triggers that can lead to asthma attack. Among these triggers are molds, pets, smoke, chemicals, food allergies, and even stress. Physical triggers can be easily removed but the emotional and psychological ones are not. This is where the natural cures for asthma in this article will greatly work.

Reiki therapy is one of the natural cures for asthma that works in removing triggers and making sure that it does not come back. In this, the invisible auric body or Universal life force energy is being healed and properly distributed over different parts that needs healing. With asthma, the healing will flow through the brow chakra, back heart chakra, bronchi, lungs, diaphragm, pancreas, liver, intestines, kidneys and nose.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses on “qi” , the energy that circulates around the body. Concentration on lung therapy using qi gong is a natural cure for asthma. Qi Gong therapy, one facet of TCM, has been discovered to have possible connection with asthma. In this exercise, one of the focus is breathing. The patient practices qi gong’s breathing techniques to take better control of asthma symptoms thus suffering fewer asthma attacks. Another area where Qi Gong focuses on is immune system, which help in combating asthma reactions related to triggers. The last one is relaxation, and because asthma are often exacerbated by emotional and physical stress this really aid in managing these causes.

Another cure found is the Far Infrared Ray therapy. This natural cure for asthma was discovered and is being developed in Japan by medical doctors and…

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