Trucking Companies-The True Heartbeat of America

Trucking companies are largely responsible for keeping the United States economy afloat. The hardworking drivers that work for these companies are responsible for transporting freight and goods across the roads. They primarily transport these products from industrial plants to distribution centers. Many of these distribution centers are retail superstores that most Americans visit in their daily lives.


These companies normally hire two classifications of drivers. Some companies hire owner-operators who drive or lease their own trucks and haul the goods for the company. Other companies prefer to use company drivers. These drivers use company owned trucks to haul the freight.


Trucking companies are just as diverse as the drivers that they hire. Companies specialize in different types of freight. For example, some companies do oversize hauling while others specialize in refrigerated food transport. The methods of dispatch are also unique to the trucking company. Many drivers prefer companies that do preplanned dispatches, so they will not spend time waiting to learn where there next destination is. However, many of the companies are hesitant to do a heavy volume of preplanned dispatch because drivers may run late, which causes the preplanned delivery to be delayed.


Additionally, the companies vary in their methods of paying their truck drivers. The companies usually use one of three calculation methods for payment; actual miles, household goods mileage and practical mileage. Actual miles, also sometimes called “hub miles” is the driver preferred method, but not commonly used by trucking companies. Actual mileage is exactly as it sounds. The driver is paid for the actual mileage that he drives. Alternatively, household goods mileage is used when the trucking company pays the driver for mileage using the shortest route possible. Quite often, a driver is not able to use the shortest route due to traffic or size of the truck he is driving. Household goods…

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