Trademark Attorneys Help You Reclaim What’s Already Yours

It doesn’t matter if someone tries using the trademark you registered with the , or if someone has copy and pasted some of the content you posted on your web and posted it on their website, claiming it as their own. You’ve been violated. The person or company that did this, whether knowingly or not, has stolen something of yours.  

You don’t have to take the crime lying down; you can fight back. Even if you don’t think that the person knew they were doing something wrong when they posted your content or borrowed you trademark, you really do need to put them right. To do this you’re going to need the help of a good trademark lawyer.

Trademark attorneys are a specialized group of lawyers. Most trademark attorneys also work as copyright lawyers and patent attorneys. Trademark attorneys know everything there is to know about copyright infringement and trademark violation. They’re devoted to making sure your intellectual property is protected.

In most cases getting the person to stop using what is rightfully yours really isn’t a big deal and it won’t cost you much money. All you have to do is explain the situation to the trademark or copyright lawyer and show the trademark or content did indeed belong to you before it showed up on someone else’s website. Provided the copyright attorney agrees that you’re in the right, they’ll write a cease and desist letter, which will insist that your content be removed from the second site. Most of the time, the contents of the letter, combined with the fact that it originated from a copyright attorney is all the incentive the offender needs to remove the content. If the cease and desist letter doesn’t generate the type of results you’d hoped for, you and your lawyer will have to discuss other options.

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