Track Lighting Fixtures: A Modern And Stylish Touch

Track lighting has been around for years but what have changed most about these systems are the track lighting fixtures themselves.

In the past, the fittings that came with the lighting system were big and bulky. People did not care for that after a while and wanted something more attractive and more quaint.

Look for Fixtures with Inbuilt Transformers

Transformers are now built in the light fittings themselves and that is how traditional track lighting converts to low voltage fixtures. For example, the wall plugs that you commonly have at home have usually been converted from a line voltage to a much safer transformer, basically making them safer for this type of use.

Line voltage is used in your wall plug outlets throughout your home. And line voltage is the power that runs through homes and office most everywhere. So when you are working with this type of lighting you have to remember that there is a degree of voltage power running through it.

Shop Around for Smaller Track Fixtures

It is also important to remember that when people speak of low voltage track systems they usually refer to the fixtures themselves.

Track lighting fixtures have seen an emergence of low voltage fixtures mainly because consumers wanted smaller track fixtures in their homes. The smaller sizes have allowed for the production of many new compact fixture styles for both track heads as well as pendants.

Use Energy-Efficient Halogen Bulbs

In addition, low voltage fixtures use halogen bulbs which produce a different type of light, one that is crisp and white versus the yellowish light that is projected from the typical incandescent light bulb.

They also use a lot less power for the same amount of light.

Identify The Lighting Type You are Installing

Track lighting falls into three categories – H, J, and L types. If you plan to work on this project yourself, you need to identify which type you are working with first of all.

If you are installing new then it is strongly suggested that you use the H type because it is newer and has more design advantages.

Be Aware of Limitations

There are still some minor limitations on track lighting and the fixtures regardless of how far it has advanced. One limitation is that it is impossible to dim one light independently. If you have a row of track lights on a dimmer switch, they have to be dimmed together rather than individually.

The track lighting fixtures are a very important part of the whole lighting scenario and they will eventually be what everyone who enters your home will see.

Of course, you will want to integrate them with your décor and at the same time offer some versatility. There are really many fixtures to choose from and you will want to make sure that you choose the perfect ones.

The fixtures do not all have to be the same as many people have been known to mix them up a bit and they look just as great. Go with whatever works for you and you will more than likely end up with the result that is perfect for you.

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