Top 3 Exercises to Perform With Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are considered as the cheapest as well as most flexible workout equipment available across the globe. It is extremely easy-to-use and you do not need to spend much of your valuable time for exercising with it. Find below 3 most effective exercises that one can perform with these elastic bands:

Squat to Rotating Overhead Press

Those who want to tone their core, shoulders and legs with good quality resistance band sets can perform this exercise regularly. If you also come in this category, then start practicing it today for getting the best result. At first, you need to stand on your resistance exercise band straight by keeping your feet apart from the hip. The ends of the band should be in each of your hands so that it can be looped under your feet easily. At this position, squat down first and then stand upright by forcing down your right arm above your head as well as turning your upper body to the left. Now, turn the upper part of your body to the right and repeat the entire process. In order to make the most of this ‘Squat to Rotating Overhead Press’, you have to do at least 10 reps each time.

Plank Ski Jumps

No matter what your fitness level is, you can always take out some time from your hectic schedule and exercise Plank Ski Jumps with your resistance bands for toning up your arms, legs, shoulders, gluteal muscles, cardio and core. It is quite an easy process, and you do not need to be an expert for practicing it successfully. Start with laying out your elastic band perpendicularly straight, right on the floorboards in front of you. Now, you need to place yourself in the proper position on top of it. Stand straight by keeping both your feet on the right side of the band. Your arms should be on either side of it at the same time. It would give you a perfect ‘plank’ pose on top of the elastic band. Now, as you are ready to perform your workout, just jump feet over the band carefully. You have to jump from side to side as swiftly as…

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