Tips to write a good job description

Writing an attention-catching job description is an art. The job description needs to be informative in order to attract prospective candidates. Most importantly, it needs to be able to arouse the interest of suitable candidates. The job description needs to communicate all important details. To do this, you could try splitting up your job descriptions into different parts and then put it together.

If you want your job description to achieve its ultimate goal of attracting a list of excellent candidates, here are some handy tips that will help you out:

  1. The title or name of the job: The title should be accurate and communicative about what exactly the job is. For example, ‘’ Inventory Manager for Retail Outlet’’ or “Chief Accountant for Shipping Services”. The title is the first part of the job description that will be scanned by readers. Make it effective.
  1. Department: This is the nest step in your job description. Department could be finance, sales, marketing, human resources, planning or logistics among several others. By specifying the department clearly, you are putting a bracket around the people you really want for this job.
  1. Location: If your company has multiple branches, this is a very important bit of information that you need to communicate to prospective candidates.
  1.  To whom is the candidate expected to report to? Applicants would want to know where they stand in the corporate hierarchy. It is also sensible to mention any other individual the candidate will be expected to work with. For example, a law firm might expect their new recruits to work with a senior lawyer in their area of expertise for say one year.
  1. Responsibilities: A list of the responsibilities a candidate is expected to carry out helps candidates gauge their suitability and inclination to apply for the post. For managerial and senior posts, such a list of responsibilities will be closely scrutinized by potential applicants before they decide to send their resumes across.

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