The World Exists Because We Do: Changing How We Perceive the World and Ourselves

Some questions we need to ask ourselves when finding out who we are and how to live in the world in an enlightened way include: “What are the various states of being in which we exist?” and “What ultimately is our true, primordial, foundational state of being?”

As human beings we exist in three states. The first one is wakefulness, the second is dreaming and the third is sleep in which no dreaming occurs. These are the three states of being that we exist in throughout our lives.

Typically, what we do as we live our lives is assume that the world is real and we just perceive it as it is. What we think is that the world is tangible, factual and we just exist in it. But what if we inverted this, and asked, “Could there be a world if we weren’t?” If you really use logic or conceptual thinking, you can see that how we are accustomed to viewing the world involves pointers of truth, but they are not the ultimate truth. Through logical reasoning, however, we can also argue that the world can’t exist unless we are aware of it. If we are aware of the world, we have no way of knowing that it exists. We only know that we are aware of it.

If we see the world from the perspective of “All is because I perceive it”, the world, in and of itself, isn’t real, tangible or something that exists outside of our awareness. The world is because we are aware of it. The only reason why we don’t see it in this way is because our conditioning from a very young age teaches us that this isn’t true; that the world is an objective place and we live in it. But it’s possible to just as easily argue and see things from a different perspective. We can conceptualize the world in a way that it exists but only because we are aware of it.

From this perspective, it is about seeing the world as an extension of our mind. We are able to perceive the world and therefore the world is able to exist. It’s really a childlike approach to living. Children see the world as an extension of themselves. It is only…

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