The Uterine Cancer Symptoms You Need to Know

Uterine cancer is more common to women who have undergone or is undergoing menopause. That is because, although the cause of this disease is still not identified at present, it is found out that the inability of the progesterone hormone to offset the estrogen hormone contributes to the possibility of its development; which is the case at this stage. There is too much estrogen being produced and the progesterone isn’t enough to balance.

Although this type of cancer more often targets middle-aged and elderly women, it can also affect the younger ones. That is why, all women must be aware of uterine cancer symptoms so that we will know when we need to see the doctor.

One of the most common symptoms is vaginal bleeding. Almost all that have been diagnosed with this have experienced bleeding or vaginal discharge. For young women, you must be very observant. If you experience spotting in between periods, unusual heavy periods and bleeding after intercourse, you must not disregard the signs. For those that have undergone menopause, if you start bleeding 6 months later, go and see your doctor. There are also certain pains that could be felt although not everyone experiences them just like for those with uterine sarcoma, a certain type of uterine cancer, just a few experience pain during urination, during intercourse and pain in the area of the pelvis.

There are conditions that may make a woman at greater risk of this cancer such as obesity, a history of infertility, those that suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure and those who take Tamoxifen, a drug used to treat breast cancer.

Getting to know the uterine cancer symptoms will really help a lot in being able to seek early professional help. So remember these symptoms and if you have any of them be sure to see your doctor. It could save your life!

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