The State of the American Real Estate Industry

Viewers all over the world have been hearing many negative things about the American housing market, including the collapse of the housing market and other downturns in commercial and residential real estate. After about half a decade of a struggling market and weak numbers, 2014 has seen homeowners and investors become more positive.

There have been optimistic news about the real estate industry for this year, as the gradual climb of market prices from decade lows denotes. This bit of positive news is not just a boon for residential real estate, but the economy as well due to the links between the national economy and said industry.

Past Forecasts

Real estate surveys undertaken at the tail-end of 2012 showed that industry professionals have indeed seen good indications of the rise in the market, and as such, expect no less than a stellar recovery now and in the years to come. This has made it feasible for investors to now place their funds American real estate.

The future holds great promise for current and future investors, and although the change may not be as apparent, the market highs from previous years are not too far off. There was a nine-percent rise in residential property sales in 2012, reports the National Association of Realtors.

Core Logic’s index for home prices showed a jump of more than eight percent in December 2012 from the same month of the year before. This has been the biggest increase in average property prices in several years, with the improvement in prices steadily growing for more than twelve months.

Viable Investments

This is a significant and welcome change in industry rates and market confidence over 2012, which was when brokers and other industry insiders waited for a stagnant year that they thought would herald in nothing but the smallest of increases in transactions and property value.

For those who wish to put their money into the industry and take advantage of the rise in real estate rates, here are some of the top investments:

* Purchase of single-family residences for future sale
* Purchase of single-family properties to rent out
* Purchase of multi-family residences to rent out

In general, the data accumulated by these relatively recent reports and studies may have connoted a small drop in investor confidence in real estate. However, new condo units and small homes are an exception to that view.

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