The Simplicity of Business Finance,” Is Officially Available for Pre-Order in the U.S.

Phil is one of the best educators in the elite Google Business Academy faculty. -Amelie Villenueve, Head of Business Leadership Development, Google

LID Publishing ( is thrilled to announce that Dr. Philip Young’s concise and intuitive book, “Buy Low, Sell High: The Simplicity of Business Finance,” is now available for pre-order in the U.S. and will officially go on sale June 13, 2017 via Amazon ( Drawing upon 30 years of experience as a corporate consultant and MBA professor designing and teaching seminars in the areas of finance, marketing, and strategy, Dr. Philip Young has penned the ultimate manual for non-financial professionals looking for a quick and easy guide to understanding key financial terms and concepts.

At the start of the book, Dr. Young immediately quells the misconception that business finance is confusing and mysterious, requiring sophisticated mathematical abilities. In fact, he’s quick to highlight the fact that business finance for non-financial professionals involves no more than basic arithmetic, because at the end of the day, business finance is simply about understanding how and why a business makes money. And for those who work in the daily operations of an organization, business finance means down-to-earth tasks such as setting budgets, making sure there is enough cash, and meeting specific revenue or profit targets.

Broken down into seven concise and easy-to-read chapters, Dr. Young first introduces the main elements of a company’s financial report. He then explains the key terms used in that report. Following this, he goes behind the numbers to explain how people throughout the company make an impact on its financial performance. And finally, he spells out how a…

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