The Rising Need of Encoders

Today, automation plays an increasing important role in all industrial applications. The scope of automation is not only to support human operators in tasks that involve hard and dangerous physical work, but first of all to improve the quality and enhance the capability of the production system itself. To realize these requirements, encoders are used for measurements to control and manage processes.

Encoders are important in every industry today. In recent years, high-precision and high-resolution encoders are expected for a technology control system of industry. The need for an encoder arises for several different reasons. Depending on the context that an encoder would be used in, the purpose and application of the encoder varies. There are different types of encoders. Linear encoder, incremental encoder, Magnetic encoder, optical encoder and absolute encoder are some of important encoders according to industrial use.

Magnetic encoders offer a rough option to traditional optical encoders. Because they do not need the high level of protection from light, dust, oil, etc. This allows encoders to be more easily integrated into your product without the need of bulky and failure-prone mechanical couplings, bearings, seals, etc. Magnetic encoder avoids the three faults that optical encoder face- seal failures which permit the entry of containments, the optical disk may shatter during vibration or impact and bearing failures. The optical encoder plays a major role in machine tool technology. Optical Encoder is that which converts machinery positional information into corresponding pulse numbers or digital data by photoelectric signals. Therefore, it can detect the speed, position, angular velocity, distance and counts information relating to mechanical machine. It is usually applied on the angle-measuring device and equipment. Hence, it is a very important device in industrial automation solutions.

Encoders are used vastly for many different purposes and one of…

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