The Only 7 Phase Power Calculation, Precision MIXED SIGNAL POWER ANALYZER for Polyphase Measurements in the Industry


Where there is power analysis there is DEWETRON.

DEWETRON is pleased to announce the launch of the DEWE2-PA7 Mixed Signal Power Analyzer. Analyze polyphase electric vehicles and engine behavior with only ONE system and a guaranteed basic accuracy of 0.01 %.

A DEWETRON DEWE2-PA7 is the solution for the simultaneous analysis of several motors, converters, or complete drive-trains – up to 12 power channels and the DEWE2-PA7 is the ONLY power analyzer with the capability to calculate power parameters, even polyphase motors, up to 7 phases per power group.

Multi-phase systems have several advantages when compared to conventional three-phase systems: reduction of amplitude and increasing the frequency of torque pulsation, reduction of rotor-harmonic-currents, reduction of the current phase without increasing the phase-voltage-level, lowering dc-link-current harmonics and increased reliability as the analyzer continues to run even if one of the phases is open or short circuited.

Waveform data, mixed signal and power analysis? A DEWE2-PA7 combines both while providing reliable, gapless recording of any analog or digital signal and high performance power calculations of several power groups simultaneously. Up to 2 MS/s/ch and high dynamic range guarantees data integrity.

Smart interface technology makes it easy to integrate a DEWE2-PA7 into automation systems and test bed environments while guaranteeing reliable data transmission, easy to use remote control and remote configuration through TCP/IP based protocols in compliance with standardized protocols such as ASAM and file formats

Dedicated measurement displays with classic power analyzer layout provide critical data values at a glance. A predefined…

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