The Mystery Of The 12v Hummer – And Other Kid Cars by Clark Forbes

Ride on kids cars have been around for quite a lot of years, but they’ve only gained in popularity in the past ten years or so. There are a few reasons why these toys have become a famous choice, which include reduction in manufacturing costs of toys, eventually reducing the prices they are sold at and the competition among the toy manufacturers has also been vital. For instance, even the12v Hummer can be bought for less than £200.

But what if the reason for these toys being so attractive? In out times, bicycles and rollerblades were things that were enough, so what makes our kids want more than that? Well – let’s take that back another generation, shall we: our parents might not even have had roller skates when they were young. Back in the nineteenth century, you were lucky if you got a doll… If you were in the nineteenth century and you had a doll, you could consider yourself lucky… So, toys advance along with people.

There were smaller models of toy cars even before you could imagine. Children who were very rich could get anything of their choice – no matter the year, even 1930 – all it took was a trickle into the market place.

Replicas of vehicles are very common now, with ones for Hummers, BMW’s, Mercedes, John Deere Tractors and even Rolls Royces available. If you plan to buy something to impress those around you, a replica Ferrari should so the job, but their cost is much more than the “other lot.”

Kids ride-on cars are well-liked because of one wish: your child wanting to imitate you. If we are young, it’s only natural to want to behave like our parents – so if they drive a car around, so do we. Wanting a ride on the Hummer is natural if you have a big car, and why not try them out – think about being the same age as your children and you’d surely want one. Spaceships could be the toys of the future!

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