The Mistake That CD Cover Designers Often Overlook

The beauty of a cover design is an important element that all CD cover designers need to have a special focus on when designing. The beauty is what defines the entirety of the product’s theme & what it has to offer. But there is an even more important element that needs to be implemented into CD cover design, which is very simple to add. However, many CD cover designers often overlook it.

There is a very important saying I once wrote that all designers should adhere to: “Before beauty can be recognized, it must first be seen.” If that beauty is never seen, then that beauty means absolutely nothing. This is especially critical to CD cover designers & can have a dramatic impact on your sales reports as the artist of that CD. What is more important than the beauty of the cover itself? The answer is: The size of the CD cover’s text.

Paying special emphasis to a simple, but crucial requirement in CD cover design

As an independent artist, software maker, video game creator, etc., your goals are more difficult when you are doing everything on your own. Obviously, you’re seeking to place your work in stores where they can be bought. Let us assume that you’re a video game creator & you want your work to be available for purchase at large retail stores like Walmart, Target, or Toys R Us. Your CD cover design will be competing with thousands & thousands of competitors. This means two things:

  1. CD cover designers cannot afford to make a cover that is plain.
  2. CD cover designers cannot afford to make a cover that is unnoticeable.

Many CD cover designers are superior in meeting the first challenge, but often ignore the second. Tunnel vision is the biggest obstacle that you have to overcome in the customer you want to have buy your product. By tunnel vision, that means the customers are looking for something that stands out to them. If you look too boring, you risk being overlooked or even underestimated in value. That has a tremendous, negative impact on your sales. You may…

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