The Flag Company Inc. Celebrates its Sixth-Year of Dark Sky Illuminator Series, Brings Pole and Beacon Together as one Package

Dark Sky Illuminator Series

There’s nothing boiler-plate about our packages. They’re calculated to be as close to customers needs as you can get, and, of course, they are all architecturally and professionally designed to accommodate official Dark Sky device specifications.

The Flag Company, Inc.’s Flagpole Warehouse subsidiary continues to earn its International Dark Sky Association (IDA) certification while making it even easier for customers to remain environmentally conscientious to the critical issues of light pollution and its effects on the planet. For a limited time, Flagpole Warehouse is offering its comprehensive Six-product line of Illuminator Series Flagpole and Beacon Packages at savings from $200-$550 each.

The Series includes Contractor and Hurricane as well as External and Internal Halyard Flagpoles, and includes Flagpole Warehouse’s unique and proprietary Flagpole Beacon Dark Sky-certified lighting technology.

“Being officially affiliated with a prestigious organization such as International Dark Sky Association was a very big deal here,” said Mike Lawrence, Vice President of The Flag Company Inc. “We’re proud of this worthy endorsement of our corporate life-long dedication to environmental issues. We intend to keep passing that validation along to our customers making it easier for them to save money and save our planet at the same time.”

The Illuminator Series will fit each customer’s specific needs. Continues Mr. Lawrence, “There’s nothing boiler-plate about our packages. They’re calculated to be as close to customers’ needs as you can get, and, of course, they are all architecturally and professionally designed to accommodate official Dark Sky device specifications.”

A growing body of research suggests that the loss of natural nighttime environment is causing serious harm, not just to the aesthetics of the night skies, but to human health as well. Mr. Lawrence concludes, “Dark Sky recently officially designated Joshua Tree National Park near Los Angeles as the 10th International Dark Sky Park in the U.S. National Park System. If stars are being washed out by mega-wattage flooding the night sky from urban sprawl, we are pleased to be among the first-responding ranks of corporate America who have identified the possible repercussions of over-lighting, and what’s more, are doing something about it.”

About The Dark Sky-Friendly line of Flagpole Beacons

The Flagpole Beacon Line consists of three products at a variety of price-points: The Dark Sky External Halyard Beacon; The Dark Sky Internal Halyard CAM System Beacon as well as the Dark Sky Internal Halyard Beacon with Dual Lights. According to Mr. Lawrence, “The proprietary Flagpole Beacon lighting technique is absolutely surgical. Not only are these beacons the most environmentally correct way to light flags during night hours, they’re also the only way to illuminate them without ambient light bleeding onto adjoining property or into the night sky.”

About the Illuminator Series of Flagpoles and Flagpole Beacon

The Illuminator Series of Flagpoles combines Flagpole Warehouse’s high quality commercial grade Architectural Series External Halyard Flagpole with Flagpole Warehouse’s patented Flagpole Beacon for an unparalleled package. Complete information on six-product Illuminator series including Illuminator Architectural, Contractor, Hurricane External and Internal Halyard and Fiberglass:

About The Flag Company, Inc. and Flagpole

The Flagpole division is the latest example of The Flag Company, Inc.’s commitment to being at the proactive forefront of environmentally-sensitive issues. Since its founding over 29 years ago, The Flag Company, Inc. has strived to implement the most eco-friendly manufacturing processes and products. When it comes to flagpole lighting, whether it’s commercial or residential, Dark Sky or solar powered, the Flagpole Warehouse correctly lights the way. The Flagpole Warehouse offers a large number of lighting solutions, with every conceivable part, package, transformer and more to complete a project’s flag-lighting needs.

Catering to a large number of distinct categories of customers, The Flag Company, Inc. provides an extensive inventory of over 8,500 items. The Flag Company, Inc. now also partners with a dedicated machine and manufacturing company, expanding its capability to provide custom brackets, finials, hardware and other similar products for special orders. Additionally, The Flag Company, Inc. is collaborating on pioneering robotic equipment for use in the flagpole industry.

Besides, The Flag Company, Inc. has developed several websites targeting its varied and diverse customer base, all of which are consistent with the company’s environmental-consciousness including – a single source dedicated to solar power and energy-efficient products such as solar panels and systems.

The Flagpole Warehouse Division of TFC boasts many highly visible and notable projects including.

  •      1996 Olympics, Atlanta, GA – Flagpoles and Flags
  •     Dow Chemical World Headquarters, Midland, MI – Flagpoles & Flagpole Beacons
  •     National Infantry Museum, Fort Benning, GA – Flagpoles
  •     FORSCOM Headquarters, Fort Bragg, NC – Flagpoles
  •     Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – Flagpoles
  •     IKEA, CA – Flagpole Beacons
  •     Manpower Group World Headquarters, Milwaukee, WI. – Flagpoles & Flagpole Beacons
  •     Strategic Operations, San Diego, CA – Custom Flagpoles
  •     Turner Field, Atlanta, GA – Flagpoles

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