The Dancing Physicist Talk: A Jump Into Sudden Meditation

Do you need to use meditation methods to come to yourself, to dive inwards? Can you find yourself only through practicing meditation techniques studied before? Absolutely not necessary! In your ordinary life you can have the glimpses of no-mind, mindfulness, totality, silence or whatever you can call this divine phenomenon. What is important in these moments is that you don’t prepare or calm your mind with different meditation techniques. You don’t even plan any meditation. You don’t project any results. You don’t even think about any meditation at all. And, strangely enough for your disturbed mind, these beautiful glimpses happen on their own without any efforts.   

Say, when for no reason and for no goals you are walking in the park and suddenly… a yellow leaf starts slowly falling from a tree… You stop your walking, wondering for a second, watching this zigzagging fall… It falls… falls…falls… And something unusual  happens to you: your awareness shifts from the mind to no-mind. You become completely immersed in this miraculous atmosphere of the dance of the dropping leaf. You are there in this dance! You are not in the past in your thoughts… You are not in the future in your thoughts. You are totally there. Time stops. Thinking stops. In this atmosphere you become pulled into inside. A sudden jump into yourself happens without any efforts! You are pulled into the center from the periphery of your life.  

Who are you at this moment? Where is your personality at this moment? Are you a man or woman, John or Susan, father or mother, husband or wife, daughter or son, boss or worker? No answer… Personality disappears. But the authentic feeling «You are» exists! To recover your personality you should come back from the inner into the outer, from the center to the periphery, right? Do you follow me, what I mean?

Watch what changes and what doesn’t change during these moments. Watch what disappears during your witnessing and what deepens….

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