The Book Of Mormon Distasteful or Really Funny?

The adult cartoon South Park has been on the air for so many years. It almost seems as if the cartoon was always on and forever haunting the parents trying to keep their children from watching it. Well guess what, South Park has just had its contract renewed until the year 2016, which will mean even more outrageous comedy that only adults should watch.

With South Park also comes the Broadway musical the Book of Mormons, which is also a comedy that can really offended a person sensitive to people making fun of organized religion. Does this mean people should not spend their hard earned money on a musical that might make them a little uncomfortable? I guess that would be all up to you, but there are so many people out there still looking to buy tickets to the shows in most major cities across the country.

You might be asking yourself why did the South Park writers pick the religion of Mormons to make fun of in the Book of Mormons and the answer would be, who knows. The creators of South Park have been forever making fun of organized religion. They don’t leave out any religion, which can only mean that the writers are not bias to any one religion rather they are critical about all religions.

The great part of the Book of Mormon is that many of us can relate to these types of religions. There are a lot of religions out there with their own belief systems, yet there are a few that continue to go and try and push their beliefs on others in such a serious way. You all know when you see the people with suits walking door to door on Saturday morning you turn the TV down and pretend you are not home.

This is what the creators of the book of Mormons were thinking about when they created the play. If you feel the pain of having to hide when the religious people are walking down the street to spread the word of God you might just really enjoy the humor that comes along with the musical.

You never know what is next for the writers since the Book of Mormon was such a big success. There could be similar plays that make fun of other organized religions and their mission’s trips or maybe it will just be a musical about some of the really silly outdated religious traditions. The people that write and create South Park and the Book of Mormon will never cease to amaze their viewers as to just how far they will go when making jokes about different sensitive subjects leaving the rest of us wondering what will be the next big play.

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