The Blood Sugar Solution – Book Review

In the book “The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Feeling Great Now!”, a groundbreaking work by Dr. Mark Hyman, you are given a way to plan and live your life that should help you stay healthy longer. The only problem is that it takes work to live right and how many of us are willing to make the commitment to make that commitment?

One of the many pop-culture/health works that have appeared lately, Dr. Hyman points the way to not only losing weight, but keeping it off, as well as controlling dementia, while also keeping heart disease at bay. It’s quite a tall order and Dr. Hyman’s key is a balanced insulin life.

His keys to wellness include not only focus on the proper medication you need, but also how you live and how you eat. For example, green (natural) living is important to not only detoxifying your body, but also ensuring that you have a high level of energy and that your metabolism works correctly.

Dr. Hyman’s focus is on ridding your body of the heavily processed foods, as your first step. These foods usually also contain high concentrations of pollutants, as well as hormones and antibiotics, items with which the body can easily get along without. In some cases, it has been found, that the hormones and antibiotics that the big farmers and growers include in their products can turn out to be harmful, especially if you hare sensitive to them.

Instead, Dr. Harvey’s approach is common sense, for the most part. He advocates cutting down on the size of the portions we eat, while also ensuring that we eat a properly balanced regimen of food. They key issue that some have with Dr. Harvey and his method of doing things is that is it rather radical. For example, instead of just cutting down on sweeteners, even naturally occurring ones such as agave, he advocates cutting them out of your diet for a minimum of six weeks to ensure that your diet is, in his opinion, balanced. His plan is a radical cutback for…

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