The best method to Convert a .Pdf eBook to Kindle


The Amazon Kindle is a device that you can use to read electronic books. It can handle a variety of formats, but one file type it cannot read is PDF. To view PDF files on your Amazon Kindle, you first have to convert them to .prz files. Once the conversion is complete, the Kindle will recognize the new file and display it on the device.

Step1.Open an Internet browser, and go to your preferred email client.

Step2. lick “Compose Mail” or “New” to compose a new email.

Step3.Type your Kindle’s email address in the “To” field of the email. Find this email address is found by logging into you Amazon account and clicking on the “Your Kindle” section.

Step4.Type the word “Convert” in the “Subject” field of the email.

Step5.Click “Attach File,” and select the PDF file you wish to convert from your hard drive.

Step6.Click “Send.”

Step7.Turn on your Kindle’s Whispernet service on the device to have the converted document delivered directly to your Kindle. If no wireless service is available, download the converted document to your desktop, and connect the Kindle to your computer via the USB cable it came with to manually transfer the file to your Kindle folder.

Although PDF eBooks are viewable on the Kindle, they do not have the same functionality of the .azw files. provides a file conversion service via email to convert PDF files to .azw, for greater utility on your Kindle. Let us see how it realize?


1. Navigate to the “Manage Your Kindle” page on and log in to your account.

2. Find the section titled “Your Kindle Approved E-mail List” and enter the email address or addresses you wish to use to send the file to for conversion. This authorizes the specific email address to send files to your Kindle. Due to fees associated with using the 3G network, Amazon instituted this to restrict spam from your Kindle account.

3. Open your email and start a new message to your Kindle account.

4. Enter the appropriate Kindle email address to…

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