The Benefits of Prenatal Exercise

There are many benefits attached to prenatal exercise. Tasha Ingram Fitness can come to your assistance if you are an expectant mother interested in enjoying a safe, healthy workout. All workouts are tailored towards your stage of pregnancy. Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages of prenatal exercise in New York right now.

You are less likely to put on a significant amount of weight if you exercise during your pregnancy. This doesn’t mean you won’t put on some weight, but you can expect to remain within the healthy weight gain range. You could also reduce your risk of gestational diabetes by around a quarter, and what’s more is that the labor and delivery stages may become easier, with prenatal exercise providing you with extra stamina for pushing.

Exercise is famous for improving mood, and a large portion of expectant mothers partaking in exercise report feeling better than those that don’t workout. Prenatal exercise can also help with back pain and constipation. You can expect to feel more energetic if you work out during your pregnancy and are likely to deliver a lightly baby because of the reduced risk of gestational diabetes.

You may be able to look forward to a shorter labor. Many studies have suggested that pregnant women engaging in exercise can cut around two hours from the labor stage on average. The benefits of prenatal exercise don’t stop there – you are less likely to suffer from leg swelling thanks to the improved blood flow that results from prenatal exercise, and you may even become less prone to experiencing morning sickness. Some women decide not to exercise because of feeling nauseous, but many report feeling better post-workout. Some studies suggest that your child may go on to be more athletic if you exercise whilst carrying them.
It can take a while for women to get back to fitness after giving birth, but prenatal exercise can help you get back to normal quickly. Again, studies have shown that exercising expectant mothers return to socializing and going out quicker than moms that didn’t work out during pregnancy. In fact, prenatal exercise can benefit your child in many ways. Your baby’s heart may benefit from your activities and the superior standard of cardio fitness can last well into childhood.

If you have been smoker, chances are you’ve recently quit, cut down dramatically or are at least have plans to ditch the habit. Exercise can give you the mental power you need to quit smoking and can reduce or eliminate your cravings whilst boosting your energy levels significantly. Many pregnant women report trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, but pregnant women regularly report experiencing better quality sleep thanks to prenatal workouts. Furthermore, exercise can help you avoid experiencing prenatal depression and keep your immune system working efficiently.

Tasha can help you if you require prenatal fitness training in New York – why not get in touch today to find out more about the sessions?

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