Thanks to Simon, Salon and Spa Owners No Longer Have to Worry That The IRS May Come Knocking

Small business owners are becoming increasing targets for the IRS, as the IRS is attempting to close the “tax gap” for underpayment of taxes. ( As small business owners have to juggle so many hats, they also file late, forget to file, or make errors on their returns. Simon solves this problem and more through our automated app.

More than 75% of US small businesses are micro businesses – most salons and spas.

3.8 million out of 5,134,000 of all US businesses have 10 employees or less. ( According to American Salon Greenbook 2014, the average number of people employed by salons was 8.7. (,%22issue_id%22:186838%7D) In addition, 83% of salons and spas had 9 or fewer employees. Imagine how that has changed today but we bet that the number of salons with fewer than 10 employees is still relatively the same if not higher.

Over 53% of salon owners don’t have a formal business plan and budget in place which makes managing their finances tricky. Doing their payroll shouldn’t contribute to that.

Simon is designed for salon and spa owners to run payroll easily and accurately and keeps them compliant with the IRS.

Simon is a complete payroll app available on a user’s iPhone and Android. With Simon’s exclusively designed SmartPay system, salons and spas with 10 or fewer employees can facilitate payroll with a few simple clicks on their smartphone. Starting at only $20 all-inclusive per pay period, there are no additional processing fees and no monthly fees of any kind.

“We’ve created a ticker countdown system that periodically alerts the salon…

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