Tenant’s role in Governing Housing Societies of UK

UK has been championing the cause of tenant participation as a matter of policy for about 20 years now. Policies and regulations are in place to encourage tenant’s involvement in governance of housing societies. This inclusive view was promoted through the Best Value Framework which favoured customer’s involvement in public services. After the new Government took its place in 2010 in UK there is more emphasis on the implementation of these policies.

In UK, where housing societies are generally set up as industrial and provident societies tenants are not obligatory members of the governing bodies. As cooperative societies the governing power rests with the shareholders of society decided in Annual General Meetings. Now it is up to the landlords and regulators to create a culture which remains committed to the principles relating to tenant’s involvement in governance. They need to device strategies which are designed to include tenant’s opinions in decision making processes in all things that concern their homes right from estate services to the management of assets.

Housing Societies gear up for the policy tilt aiming at tenant’s welfare

Audit Commission of Key Lines of Enquiry for Resident Involvement has set up clear standards and guidelines for Landlords. As per the guidelines landlords are encouraged to have relevant mechanisms in place so that active participation can be enabled. They are expected to use views of tenants to review and improve services. They need to allot resources for resident involvement.

The Government is ensuring that there is a shift from mere lip service on the policies to more accountability. Government is promoting tenant engagement and involvement policies to ensure that tenants can scrutinize the performance of their landlords. The policy shifts towards co-regulation will ensure that the tenants have the power to audit the performance of housing Governing bodies.

How the involvement benefits Tenants

Societies that have…

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