Tasty cuisines all around the world

Are you a food fanatic? Do you want to taste the food of different countries? Then don’t waste time, pack your things and get ready for a long journey. This journey will take you to France, Italy, China, India, Thailand, Mexico, Japan, Spain and Greece. You just have to accompany me, you will get the opportunity to taste the most colorful and tasteful dishes of the world.

Explore French Cuisine

The people of France have a passion for food in all its forms. French cuisine is diverse, so one can find a range of dishes, both in restaurants and in homes. In their basic meal, most French people will include traditional baguette and cheese. Wine is an unavoidable part of their daily meals. With meals, ordinary wines are served, but the style of wine must match the style of food. Each region of France has its own unique traditions, in terms of ingredients and preparation. In the Mediterranean region, they use olive oil, herbs and tomatoes in many of their dishes. Meanwhile, the cuisine of northwest France uses butter, soured cream and apples. As northeast region of France has a strong German influence, their cuisine includes beer and sauerkraut.

Know Italy and Italian cuisine

Whenever we think about Italian cuisine, the food items that come to our mind are pizza and spaghetti. Italian cuisine combines the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, with a wide choice of seasonal ingredients and regional flavors. Most of the Italian dishes are simple and are made of fresh ingredients cooked on the spot. There food is a combination of fresh vegetable, fruits, grains, seafood, meat and olive oil. In Italy, each town has a distinctive way of making sausage, cheese and wine. Italians think that French cuisine is heavier, as they use butter and cream in most of their dishes. Meanwhile, French think that Italian food is heavier, because of the use of olive oil and fried appetizers.

Chinese cuisine – a good food experience

Chinese adopted various ways of cooking in different…

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