Tantalizing the family taste buds


The concept of food in India has always been one of the entire family sitting and eating together. In fact there’s a famous quote saying, “A family that eat together stays together” meaning food’s the binding force for families in the country. So when restaurants became a rage in India, they had to market themselves on this simple theme that families can come out and eat together, the bottom line being, they can spend quality time together.

Most Indian food restaurants offer family seating or lounges separately so that you can all sit together and have delectable talks over some delicious meal. Also this gave rise to the concept of family restaurants which majorly cater to a family crowd. Globally, such restaurants are associated with fine dining, which means occasional meals together, but as stated earlier, in India, every meal is a celebration. More so if families and extended families come together to eat out, it is a lot of people, which would mean a party in the west. But it’s just a family spending time together here!

Indian food restaurants ensure they cater to every palate as food in India is not restricted to just one cuisine. The variety, tastes and flavors available in the country are as diverse as the country itself. Hence, restaurants have to provide food, but then it has to be either South Indian food or North Indian food or state-wise classification of food which will help a family decide when to eat where. AS families plan to eat out together, the main discussion before heading to a restaurant is what kind of food does everyone want to eat on that day? Also family restaurants have to ensure they offer a place for the kids to play around and enthuse themselves while the grown-ups get time to gossip, debate and discuss. These facilities attract clients like nothing else, apart from obviously, good food.

Families eat together almost every day in India, but eating out is a big feast. This is one time everyone ensures their presence,…

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