Spire Announces Blockchain Integration for Smartphones In Emerging Markets

Spire is bringing blockchain to emerging markets through partnerships with telecom carriers. They are doing this with a Spire-powered Digital Currency Wallet and access to a curated dApp (decentralized application) Marketplace that gets pre-installed on the billions of devices sold by these carriers.

For the hundreds of millions of people who have no access to laptops or PCs, limited access to bank accounts, or are living in countries with inflated or struggling currencies, getting access to the benefits of blockchain, via Spire, can be life changing. By using blockchain to provide equal access to products and services, Spire will help level the playing field, in terms of unlocking every individual’s potential, financially and socially.

To start, Spire is removing the burdensome process normally associated with using a cryptocurrency – specifically, generating “keys” and submitting a variety of personal identification materials. This frictionless access will be paramount to emerging markets where millions of people are purchasing smartphones every year, but are less familiar with new technologies.

Not only will Spire provide access to their own token and Bitcoin, but also on-call emergency services, internet access through mesh networks, alternatives to traditional forms of identity, and more — all powered by blockchain.

Spire is venture-funded and will soon be launching a token pre-sale for overseas, accredited investors.

About Spire

Spire plans to power Digital Currency Wallets and a curated dApp (decentralized application) Marketplace for the 3 billion people in developing nations who leapfrogged PCs, going directly to smartphones. Telecom partners install white-labeled software on the smartphones they sell, creating a broad distribution strategy. The wallet will support the Spire token, along with Bitcoin. The dApps provide benefits that include an approved form of identity, access to emergency services, secure communications with friends and family, and even an ancillary source of income.

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