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For people who say it seems Greek to me, a Greek dictionary may come in handy. This could be a dictionary written in Greek, a dictionary of Greek terms, or most commonly a Greek to English translator. We’ll examine some of these.

Before we look at a Greek dictionary, let’s look at the phrase it’s Greek to me. Many people attribute this phrase to Shakespeare. But for my own part it was Greek to me was uttered in his play Julius Caesar. It meant that it was impossible to understand. But Shakespeare didn’t come up with this phrase. It was already in common use in Shakespeare’s time. The Romans may have first uttered the phrase. There is a Latin phrase that translates to it is Greek, and cannot be understood. It’s likely, however, that Shakespeare made it popular enough that it lasted until the present day.

You might find a Greek dictionary amazingly useful. Ancient languages can come in handy. Both Greek and Latin are sources for many English words. A knowledge of Greek can help people learn about English. People who have a good grasp of the language go far in life. This can be as simple as being able to speak well, to a better ability to communicate through the written word.

Where words come from is the subject of etymology. In our language many of the words have roots in the Greek. A Greek dictionary explores this. We owe many of the prefices and suffixed of word to Greek. For example the term androgynous begins with a Greek root and ends with the Greek root. Andro is Greek meaning men. Gynous is from the Greek meaning not masculine, in other words women. So the word means manly but not manly. An androgynous person exhibits characteristics of both men and women. Get it?

Google runs an excellent translation site. It may as well be a Greek dictionary because it translates from English to Greek. Likewise Greek phrases can be translated back into English. It’s useful for conversations with people who speak Greek. It’s not 100% accurate, but it translates well enough to communicate.

Get your hands on a handy Greek dictionary.

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