SociallyMined Launches Blockchain Accelerator

“SociallyMined’s Blockchain Accelerator helps companies build their brands and frames them as transformational companies in position to utilize the Blockchain network…to become pioneers feeding off the opportunistic Blockchain sector generating investor interest and mass market appeal.”

SociallyMined (, the industry leader in producing results-driven digital campaigns, has today announced the rollout of their Blockchain Accelerator. The service offering will focus on helping Blockchain businesses grow from concept to reality to widespread adoption by providing a one-stop shop for digital business creation.

“With Blockchain technology migrating from early adopter status to mainstream adoption, we’ve seen a tremendous uptick in Blockchain related companies seeking marketing, social, and micro-targeting,” stated Matt Anthes, CEO of SociallyMined. “Our services have helped start-ups build their brand and establish robust social channels by creating buzz that has led to strategic partnerships and investments for our clients.”

SociallyMined’s Blockchain Accelerator helps companies build their brands and frames them as transformational companies in position to utilize the Blockchain network as they race to become pioneers within the sector. A deep rooted digital presence teamed with a well-executed outreach strategy establishes a foundation investors seek. In today’s fast paced world, SociallyMined creates a virtual uprising that feeds off the highly speculative and opportunistic Blockchain sector to generate investor interest and mass market appeal.

The SociallyMined Blockchain Business Accelerator will be run out of their New York City office and will look to leverage the business and investor community on behalf of their clients. Companies seeking acceptance into the Accelerator are asked to submit a one-page company overview to lockchainAccelerator(at)SociallyMined(dot)com. The accelerator strategy is to limit and filter enrollment, creating a complimentary consortium of like-minded companies that can leverage strategic partnerships and economies of scale.

About SociallyMined

SociallyMined is a boutique digital agency and advocacy firm with a creative approach to reaching the market efficiently and effectively, providing quantifiable results and reports along the way to track progress. SociallyMined services incorporate cutting-edge technologies designed for Fortune 500 brands, utilizing big data and analytics to track relevant consumer sentiment and behavior, and influencing the sentiment to direct it towards a predetermined outcome. Their analytic solutions are integrated into their other services which include influencer marketing, native advertising, mobile marketing with geofencing, interactive videos, and more, providing a customized strategic campaign for their clients generating high engagement with a relevant audience. In addition, they offer diverse traditional services which include web design, social media campaigns, and video production.

For more information on SociallyMined please contact SociallyMined Public Relations via email at – info(at) or phone (212) 381-6082. You can also visit and follow @SociallyMined on Twitter.

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