Snappy school bags are the best gifts for your kids.

When we see a school bag we start thinking of our golden childhood days. Our parents used to take to us to the school. We studied there. And in the evening they came to collect us. We gave our school bags to them being carefree. This is how we relish the memories of our childhood days.

A school bag is our best companion. It safeguards our books and copies. It gives us the tag of a constant learner. Snappy has brought an attractive range of school bags for the students from the age group of pre nursery to junior level.

The school bags are used to carry the books and copies but there are some customized school bags by which your kid will feel comfortable in carrying the books and copies. These features are light weight of the material which is used. The multiple pockets are also provided in these school bags which can be used to keep the stationery items. A side mesh has been given to insert the water bottle inside it.

You can also print a customized picture over it. Just take a picture from your camera and order Snappy. We will get it printed over your bag whether it is the photo of your own kid, a scenic view, view of your own school building or it is the photo graph of your own friend. We will get all the photos printed on your bag. Since these bags gives you personalized feelings therefore your kid will always be interested in going to school.

One thing which is not very common with all the school bags available in the market: It is the space. These school bags are very spacious, so much that it can accommodate all your books, copies, pencil box, lunch box and water bottle inside it. Poly cotton made these bags are long lasting and can hold a material of more than 5 kgs easily.

Sometimes you might have seen that the shoulders start paining when bags are carried for a long time therefore Snappy has brought shoulder straps for extra comfort and grip. We have also provided extra zippers to accommodate things easily.

These bags are very durable. They are water…

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