Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Linked to Sharp Increase In Depression, Anxiety, and Suicide in Middle Aged Women – New Book Released by Christy Rutherford

Champions Never Tell

Women need to take action and engage in self-care to save themselves, rather than suffer in toxic and hostile work environments.

Recently featured in Forbes – “Champions Never Tell,” features seven highly successful women that share their stories and give women advice to take control of their work-life and circumstances.

  • 80% of women who are bullied lose their jobs. (Workplace Bullying Institute)
  • Two-thirds of workers who complained about mistreatment were retaliated against. (NY Times)
  • 70% of women sexually harassed at work don’t tell a superior about it. (EEOC)
  • The suicide rate for middle-aged women (45 to 64), increased 63% over the past 20 years. White middle-aged women increased 80%. The distress of jobs contributes to the increase. (NY Times)
  • 50% of book proceeds benefit Hurricane Relief efforts.

While women are waiting for their organizations to save them in hostile workplaces, they are suffering from PTSD, autoimmune diseases and committing suicide.

A globally recognized leader, Christy Rutherford is a Harvard Business School Alumna and certified Executive Leadership Coach from Georgetown University. A speaker and trainer, Christy published five #1 best-selling books on Amazon in 8 months.

Co-author, Jil Jordan Greene has 15-years HR expertise in corporate America working for some of the country’s top Fortune 500 companies in the restaurant, hospitality, and entertainment industries.

For more information about “Champions Never Tell,” visit or call Christy Rutherford at 703-201-6511 for information and/or interviews.

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