Seven Pillars Acting Studio Opens This June in Valley Village

Seven Pillars Acting students and creator, Sonya Cooke

Seven Pillars Acting isn’t about tricks or guruism. It’s about giving the actor a solid craft she can utilize to book exciting work.

This June Seven Pillars Acting Studio will launch an array of classes and day workshops for serious actors in Valley Village, Los Angeles. The studio’s teachers instruct Seven Pillars Acting, a cutting-edge, internationally patented and published technique designed to give the modern actor powerful tools to craft a role. Designed for film and television, courses are divided into technique and scene study classes, providing opportunities for both new and veteran actors to advance toward their goals. Seven Pillars is helping actors achieve great success in network television, independent film, national commercials, live tours, acquisition of representation, and more.

Seven Pillars Acting Studio offers a unique and innovative approach to acting. Inspired by such famous acting theorists as Sanford Meisner, Jerzy Grotowski, Kostantin Stanislavski and Declan Donnellan, creator Sonya Cooke used studio research & practice to evolve their classical methods into a clear and potent system. Seven Pillars Acting adapts foundational acting techniques of the twentieth century into a modern process, borrowing from recent advancements in psychology, sociology, and metaphysics to reflect the evolving contemporary aesthetic of acting on film. Seven Pillars cultivates autonomous and empowered actors, who embody the tools that create easeful, specific, and transformative performances. The technique is for the modern actor who seeks a craft that will catalyze her talents.

Creator and author Sonya Cooke developed the Seven Pillars technique and…

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