Service Objects Provides Emergency Management Agencies with Free Advanced Location Mapping Services to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

‘Service Objects is providing advanced address mapping to help emergency management agencies distribute recovery funds as quickly as possible.’ – Geoff Grow, CEO, Service Objects

As Hurricane Harvey continues to cause record floodwaters and entire neighborhoods are under water, emergency management agencies are finding it nearly impossible to find specific addresses in need of critical assistance. In response to this, Service Objects™, a leading provider of geocoding solutions, is offering emergency management groups the ability to quickly pinpoint addresses with latitude and longitude coordinates by offering unlimited, no cost access to DOTS Address Geocode℠ (AG-US). By using Address Geocode, the agencies will not have to rely on potentially incomplete online maps. Instead, using Service Objects’ near-perfect, advanced address mapping services, these agencies will be able to reliably identify specific longitude and latitude coordinates in real-time to quickly find and reach those in need.

In addition, as disaster relief efforts are getting underway, Service Objects will provide free access to our address validation products to enable emergency management agencies to quickly distribute recovery funds by address type, geoid, county, census-block and census-track. This will allow those starting the recovery process from this natural disaster to get next level services as soon as possible.

“The fallout of the catastrophic floods in Texas is beyond description, and over one million locations in Houston alone have been affected,” said Geoff Grow, CEO and Founder of Service Objects. “With more than 450,000 people likely to seek federal aid in recovering from this disaster, Service Objects is providing advanced address mapping to help emergency management agencies distribute recovery funds as quickly as possible. We provided emergency geocoding services for Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina and are committed to helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey.”

To get access to Service Objects address solutions or request maps, qualified agencies can contact Service Objects directly by calling 805-963-1700 or by emailing us at [email protected]

About Service Objects

Founded in 2001, Service Objects is the leading real-time provider of data intelligence solutions, validating online transactions in real-time, including contact name, address, phone, email and device. Using Service Objects’ global validation and location web services, businesses can identify potentially fraudulent contact records, transactions, append additional contact information, and process transactions in a more efficient manner. Service Objects has validated nearly 3 billion contacts, and major brands such as American Express, LendingTree, and Amazon rely on Service Objects for their data validation needs. For more information about Service Objects’ real-time web services, please visit or contact [email protected]

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